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We Are Blaze

We are a forward looking company that strives to build search engines that matter.

Our bottom line is, does our product add value to a person’s life. 

Blaze is Headquartered in Hong Kong, with staff located on all four corners of our world.

Search Experience Builders

We build search experiences in specialized niches that aim to make your searches more effective.

We want to make it possible that you need to spend less time finding the things you’re looking for.

What we stand for.

Our Company Values

Value Teamwork

Every team member is equally important. From web designers to programmers, to the testers who discover outlandish bugs. Our team thrives on teamwork and communication.

Lead by Example

Every team member is a perfectionist in their respective field. Having expert knowledge permits people to lead with confidence.

Focus on the Future

The internet is an ever changing landscape with new emerging technologies and concepts creating change constantly. We thrive on this and welcome the challenges that come with having to adapt and innovate.

Be Respectful

The office dynamic is of utmost importance to us. We deeply care about having a professional yet fun environment where everybody is respected.

Challenge the Status Quo

To succeed over the long run, a company must have individuals who are unafraid to think differently. We love working with people who have the potential to think disruptively.

Strive for Excellence

Work is not only something you do, it is an integral part of who you are. Demand the highest level of performance of yourself and the rewards will be immeasurable.

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